Welcome to www.IGetItFromMyMama.com

Hello & Welcome to www.IGetItFromMymama.com!

I love all things home decor, fashion, beauty, & most importantly DIY!

When I first met my now husband, he’d always compliment my style. Especially when we first started going shopping together. Whether it was clothes shopping or furniture shopping, he’d always ask me where I got my sense of style from. I’d always respond, “I get it from my mama.” So when I decided it was time to make my own blog, I knew I would name it www.IGetItFromMyMama.com

This blog is dedicated to my one and only mama and best friend. She has inspired me in so many ways, and I hope through my blog you are inspired to create a beautiful space in your home, step out of your comfort zone and wear something different, and take time to invest in your beauty!

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